How Duplicate Content can kill SEO of your website?

It is an established fact that the web is full of duplicate content. There are millions of bloggers and website copying and pasting content everyday or spinning articles and reusing.

Duplicate Content

Take up the titles of any latest popular news article and paste it on your browser, you will get more than a dozen of similar article or with little twist of words.

If duplicate content is not a new thing on the blogsphere, why is this panic about duplicate content all of a sudden? The answer is Google algorithm update “Google Panda”. However, in this post we will not talk about effect of Google Panda as there are already lot of great articles around this topic

What is duplicate content as per search engine like Google?

In a simpler word duplicate content is the content in a page which is similar to any other web page.  Content is considered as duplicate for the following reasons.

  • Creating web pages on different sub-domains or domains offering same content.
  • Simply copy pasted content from any popular website on your web page.
  • Writing about any product or services offered by any website with the same content on the mother site.
  • Many a times guest bloggers submit the same content with same or slightly different title to more than one blog just to get backlinks affecting SEO and reputation of all the sites where they post.
  • Content syndication to get traffic or backlink to different bookmarking sites also creates duplicate version of same story.
  • Printer friendly or mobile versions also creates duplicate version of content.

An infographic displaying how duplicate content is spreading

The following infographic gives us a fair idea on how duplicate content is spreading across the web
Report From Duplicate Content Police - infographic

Report From Duplicate Content Police – An infographic by PlagSpotter

Effect of duplicate content on SEO

  • If your site contains a very high percentage of duplicate content your site will be marked as spam straightway.
  • You may lose position for targeted keyword if the page contains duplicate content.
  • If there are one than one version of same information, search engines will not know which version is original and should be indexed.
  • Duplicate content can affect SERP and domain authority

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How to fix issues with duplicate content?

  • Easy solution is never use any duplicate content on your site, instead offer something new to your users which will create reputation for your site and improve SEO in a long run.
  • 301 redirect  duplicate content to the original link. All the inbound links will be passed on to the new link.
  • No follow attribute to the link with duplicate content.
  • (404 Not found) easiest way is to remove the duplicate content altogether from the site

Once you are done with resolving the duplicate content issue, you can focus on more important activities like best SEO practices, creating backlink from high quality relevant source, create unique high quality content etc.

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