10 Tips for Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Effective email marketing can still do wonders and exceed your expectation in terms of conversion, subject to you take it very seriously and make sure your email newsletter standout.

Do you take email marketing seriously?

Effective email marketing

Effective Email Marketing

If no, it’s the time for a change and embrace make email marketing an integral part of your business promotion, because effective email marketing will stabilize your customer base and take your brand to a new level.

Email marketing is definitely the best way to keep in touch with your customers improve brand loyalty

Consumer’s communication habits have changed over the last few years with raising popularity of Social Media Marketing, it has become difficult to achieve the same results with email newsletter as it was few years ago. But if you have a strong and effective email marketing strategy in place it can still be very effective.

So, what do we mean here by Effective Email Marketing Strategy?

In simple words, getting all the process right from the time you start collecting email IDs till the time you receive reaction from your reader will make an effective email marketing campaign.

 10 tips for Effective Email Marketing

# 1. Do not spam: This is number one on my list, the easiest way to start email marketing in just few hours is to buy thousands of emails and start bombarding your information.

It can destroy your brand, never do this    Do not spam

Never send unwanted emails to anyone, you may get some reaction initially and some traffic as well but it will destroy your brand value in a long run.

Send your email newsletter to only those who opted for it

# 2. Get people to Opt-in: Best way to collect and increase your email list is through opt-in form. This should be an integral part of your website or blog, make sure you start collecting email from the very first day you launch your website.

Some tips to make your opt-in from effective and provide best result.

  • Make the opt-in process easy and simple
  • Place it strategically so that it is visible to all who visit your website
  • Please opt-in form at the end of every post
  • Encourage new visitors to subscribe with a welcome message.
  • Place opt-in link with order confirmation

# 3. Killer subject line: Subject line of your email newsletter has a lot of importance, because subject line will decide if the customer wants to read or just delete your email.

Make the subject line attractive and something which will make the reader curious to know what’s inside but make sure it is relevant to your content.

  • Keep your subject line short and clear preferably within 50 words
  • Put some energy into your words, don’t make it sound boring
  • Don’t make it just another marketing email – choose your words carefully

# 4. Make it personal: Great every recipient by name, because it makes the reader feel that it is specifically for him or her. This is a great way to show respect to your email recipient and increase conversion ratio.

# 5.  Clear appealing content: Provide appealing content in the newsletter with clear call to action. Make sure content is relevant to your audience

# 6. Great look and feel: A nice looking template is the heart of an effective email marketing strategy, So you need to make sure your newsletter has a great looking clean design with your logo and important elements like, title, subtitle, call to action, image, copyright information, subscribe link etc

    A demo newsletter format

Newsletter format

# 7. Choose the right service: Choosing the right service is very important for any  effective email marketing campaign, there are many email marketing service provides, make sure you do your research before you choose any service.

  • Check how easy to use a particular service
  • Check what kind of customer service they provide
  • Check how many email they allow
  • Most important is the cost

Important: Best 5 email marketing services

# 8. Proper testing: Testing of your service before sending it to the users is very important, all your hard work will go in vain if it is not delivered to your subscribers or it lands on spam folder.Testing Email Newsletters

 So, make sure your emails are getting delivered properly.

Also, following are some aspects you must check to make your marketing campaign effective

  • Device compatibility: Make sure your email displays correctly on all devices, like desktop, tablet or a mobile phone
  • Format: Make sure it is readable on all platforms, include both HTML and text version of your newsletter.
  • Spam analysis Test: As already mentioned if your email lands on the spam folder all your hard work will go in vain. so, make sure run a spam test and make sure is getting delivered properly.

# 9. Get the timing right: Timing is very important factor for effective email marketing, timing can affect the response of your marketing campaign to a great extent, so it is very important to get the timing right

Timing for Effective Email Marketing – A Research By Mailchimp

More people open email during the day than at night. You may find that changing the time that you send your emails will change your percentage of opens.

Email marketing timing

More emails are sent during the week than on weekends, with Tuesday and Thursday being the highest volume days. Changing which day you send your emails may improve your open and click rates

Email Open Rates by Day of The Week

More links lead to more clicks. Placing a particular link in your content more than once may increase the number of clicks for that link.

Click Rates of email newsletter

Now, let us look at a research done by GetResponse through this Infographic

# 10. Track, analyze and change: Last but not the least tracking your marketing campaigns, because without tracking you will never understand if your marketing campaigns are effective or not.

Tracking will give you actionable data so that you can change your approach towards towards your marketing campaign and produce maximum return on investment.

Effective Email Marketing- Some Check Points

  • How many mails are delivered properly?
  • How many people opened your email?
  • How many people clicked on the links?
  • What is the Percentage of conversion?

A summary of effective email marketing strategy

Email Marketing Strategies

Would like to hear from you: Share your experience about effective email marketing by using the comment form below.

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