How Google Page Rank System Works

If you own a blog or a business website Google Page Rank is a term you will  bump with every now and then. So, what is Google PR or Page Rank?

In simple word it is the score of a page on a scale of 10. If a page PR is 2, that means it has a score of 2 out of 10 on Google’s eye. Higher score is better for a website. Generally a score above 4 is considered respectable score for any online brand.

Google Page Rank

What is Google Page Rank and how it works?

As mentioned above it is a score of web pages given by Google. Google updates Page Rank every quarter, each update may increase or decrease your PR score depending on many factors as per Google algorithm,  in many cases it many stay stable as well if you are maintaining the same trend for content, links and marketing.

One of the most important factor for Google PR is the backlinks to a page, more the page is linked from valuable source possibility is higher to get a good page rank.

Google considers each link to a page as a vote for that particular linked page. However, with the changing priorities of Google importance of backlinks has come down to a great extent for determining the usefulness of any web page and better search result position and higher page rank .

In modern time there are so many other factors which influences the rank of any web page in the search engines. Google clarified it time and again that the only factor they will consider for a better search result position or a higher page rank is the quality of your content and the usefulness of it to the end users.

Along with quality content social media signals are also going to the one of the deciding factor for higher Google Page rank and better search engine result, in fact both are inter linked because if you post quality content on your site users will share it on social media sites improving your social media signals, so, it becomes very important to have a great social media marketing strategy in place to make a website stand out.

One more factor which influences Google Page is frequency of posts, over the time looking at the past trends a site which update itself with quality content frequently will have a higher change to get better page rank than a site which does not post frequently. It also works with the category pages for a site, for example a website with categories A, B and C posts quality content on category B 3 times every day and category A and C gets updated once or twice a week, So, category B will stand a chance to get higher Google Page rank than category page A and C.

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Is Google Page Rank Important?

Many bloggers has already written about the fading Page Rank importance and there are many example of many authority sites with high traffic from search engine but low Google Page Rank. Also, we have seen increasing gap between page rank updates, our first reaction to that may be Google is not very keen about the Page Rank anymore.

So, does it matter?

Our personal verdict is it does matter to a certain extent, because a site with Page rank 7 will be indexed more frequently than a site with Page Rank 0. Also, it tends to get a higher position in search results than low page rank sites as page rank is still a part of search result algorithm.

Also, higher Google Page rank enhances the brand value of any online brand, it helps as a factor to sell your advertising space on your site and make money online. However, it is important for the website owners to try and get a higher page rank with the practices within Google’s policies and great content because it is important for any online brand to provide something useful to the users to create a great follower base.

Importance of Page Rank For SEO.

Google Page Rank used to be a very important factor for SEO, because of which many webmasters and SEO firms started manipulating it to get better SEO for websites. As a result Google started finding the black spots and started penalizing those sites.

However, along with so many other factors which influences SEO technique, improving Page Rank is still a prominent factor to build a strong Search optimization. Create a strong site with valuable content and have a great on page optimization strategy to make your internal pages get higher rank.

How to increase Google Pagerank?

  • Create quality backlinks from related authority sites
  • Post quality content
  • Post frequently
  • Be active on Social Media sites
  • Submitting website different Directories (Only quality directories, avoid spam sites)

Final verdict: Page Rank still is very important for any website or online business, however no one should try to manipulate to get a higher Page Rank if you want to create a strong brand value for a long time, because it is almost impossible to manipulate Google’s system for a very long time, once they find your website is not following Google’s policy your site may be banned by Google. You can use the Google Page Rank prediction tools to find possible page rank for your site

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