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If you are in search of ways to drive traffic to your newly created site, you must look at Linkcollider as they can send you continuous traffic as long as you use their services and earn tokens, their service will also help you to create backlinks and increase Alexa ranking.

Opportunity to increase traffic to your website, improve Google page rank, get backlinks, improve SEO, optimize your social media profiles and all these free of cost

I am sure if you own any blog or any business website this offer is quite appealing to you and why not as these are the parameters are going to determine the success of your website.

How to Increase Traffic? Probably this is the million dollar question for any blog or a business website owner because more traffic you receive more money you can make from your online business.

If you are in search of ways to increase traffic to your newly created site, you must look at Linkcollider as they can send you continuous traffic as long as you use their services and earn tokens, their service will also help you to create backlinks and increase Alexa ranking.

Let me introduce you to Linkcollider a simple, easy to use free service to boost your website traffic. If you own a comparatively new website with low traffic and no social media stand, Linkcollider has the potential to play a very important role in providing you that much needed initial push to move ahead, along with traffic Linkcollider also helps you to optimize social media profiles by increasing share and followers.

“Link Collider will help you grow your online business, personal blogs and social networks for FREE”

Increase Traffic With Linkcollider

What Linkcollider do for you?

  •  Send you free traffic
  • Help you boost your social media profiles with more follower and share
  • Create backlinks
  • Generate unique articles
  • Help you for search engine optimization
  • Link Shortener service
  • Submit your URLs to search engine

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Traffic Exchange Program

Traffic exchange program is designed to increase traffic to your site against the websites you visit using surf system, which helps to increases the number of visitors to all the sites involved.

Now the question is should you be using traffic exchange system?

  • If you just started your blog or any business website and you want to increase traffic in terms of the number of visit to your site and not concerned about quality of traffic you can use the traffic exchange program
  • If your site is established and have a steady flow of natural traffic and you expect targeted traffic then traffic exchange program may not be work as per your need.
  • If you use third party CPC or impression based advertising service, traffic exchange program is not advised as services like Google adsense does not encourage this

Linkcollider Traffic Exchange Program

Linkcollider is a traffic exchange program, you need to earn tokens by surfing other website listed on Linkcollider and other users will surf your site in the same way. Linkcollider comes with auto-surf system which makes it easy for the users to surf websites on autopilot, every site opens for 25 seconds however there is a limit to auto-surf depending on if you are a regular or a premium user.

How can you earn more tokens on Linkcollider to increase traffic?

More token you own on Linkcollider more traffic you can expect from them. There are many ways by which you can collect tokens on Linkcollider

  • By clicking on other site and visiting them
  • Surfing website using the auto-surf system
  • Collect token by tweeting a website
  • By sharing it on Facebook
  • Liking a site
  • Following Pinterest page
  • Subscribing to YouTube page
  • Posting on Tumblr
  • Posting on Stumbleupon
  • Upgrading to premium membership

How to use Linkcollider to Increase Traffic?

Getting started with Linkcollider is really simple, follow the following steps to proceed

  1.  Visit this site
  2.  Click register and get yourself enrolled by using your contact email and entering a desired password and confirm it.
  3.  Now go to your mail inbox to confirm the registration .
  4.  After login go to post a website tab and put details of your website or Twitter account if you use it only to boost Twitter account
  5.  Once your details are set, go to collect tokens tab where you see different methods to collect tokens as mentioned above
  6.  Go to your dashboard to track performance of your website and to avail other services provided by Linkcollider to increase traffic.
  7.  Linkcollider provides 1000 free tokens everyday, which you can avail by clicking daily token icon on homepage next to your username

Promote your website using Linkcollider: Video Tutorial

Disclaimer: Linktons doesn’t endorse Linkcollider services by any means or we are not affiliate to Linkcollider. This article is just for your information and you are advised to do your own research about their services before using it for your website and any social profile.

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