Tips of doing on page Seo That really works for me after panda and penguin updates

Best Search engine Optimization Methods That still Works in 2013-2014



Friends in this blog Post I am sharing my 6 year experience as Seo, I hope you will like and enjoy my methods of doing seo that actually still working perfectly even after Google’s panda and Penguine Updates.

I am just sharing Seo tips not installing or creating website etc .

On page Seo tips 7.18

1. First thing first always create a unique article that’s what I learn, if you really wants to rank your article then just don’t use any rewritten or spin article. No matter how good spin you do. Always have unique articles.

Put your main keywords in first 2 sentences


2. Try to have your main keywords right in the first 2 sentence, don’t go what others saying about having main keyword in first 2 sentence. However Google can take content to display in search result from any part of the content, But its a good idea to have them in first 2 sentence.

Bold your main keywords


3. Always Bold your main keywords, if you bold your main keywords then Google’s spider can take them as main phrases and rank accordingly. This is how you can put weight on some main keywords that you wants to target.

Use of H2 Or H1 Tags for main keywords


4. It would be great if you can include your main keyword some where in the article under h2 or h3 Tags. I am not saying like if your keyword is “top seo” and you put it in h2 or h3, that’s bad, but if you could write a sentence or heading that can have “top seo” in it, for example I would like to put this text line in h2

Below are Top Seo Tricks That you can use for your website

here my main keyword is there and it does not look as If I am doing too much onpage seo to google…

 Keep your main keyword density just below 3%


5. Let me tell you what the keyword density is all about.. when we talk keyword density, we means a percentage of times a keyword or phrase appears on a web page compared to the total number of words on the page.

for example my article is about 250 word in total and I have “Top seo trick” 6 times, then I would calculate keyword density with this formula..

No. of time keyphrase is repeated / Total no. of words in article x 100
so with this I would get 2.4 which is fair enough..

Use of images with Alt Tag


6. Use image created by your only because this way you will not get any copyright issues, and do use “Alt” Tag for your image as well as give name to your image according to your keywords, this helps your image appear in google image also Alt tag increase importance of your keyword in the article as well.

Use of meta Tags Like meta description and meta keywords


7. Meta Tags:- Although many webmasters and even Google don’t give too much importance to meta tags, like meta description or meta keywords, but there is no harm in having them in place. Its a good idea to write a interesting and eye catching meta description having your main keyword in place. But try to keep meta description length below 160-170 characters. and you can have main keywords plus few others keywords related to your article in meta keyword, but make sure don’t over use keyword there just 3-4 are enough.

 Title of your article


8. This play important role and Google still gives important to titles, try to create a very interesting Title which should be very catchy and should convey your message that you have in the article, because Title is the first and final decider, that decide if a visitor going to click it or not. I mean first impression is the last, and this fits here in Seo as well.

Try to include your keyword in title if possible


9. Try to include your main keyword in the Title if you can, but avoid if it don’t fits there. But if you can include its plus point and will add about 20% better in seo.

Include a Video in your article


10. Include a video if you can from youtube is a plus point these days. Because articles having Videos are considered to be important.

Have Backlink to a authority Sites


11. Include a backlink to a authority site article related to your niche or topic. It will increase your site’s authority also. Because things have changed too much, having backlinks from other sites is important but including a link to authority site is also important.

Install alexa widget in your website


12. Install alexa widget in your website, this way your alexa rank will improve and so your site’s authority.

Now few tips for off-line seo


1. Don’t try to have too much backlinks if your site is new, Let the Google decide how it takes it and wait and watch to see some real traffic to your website and keep track of keyword from where visitors are coming.

2. Add your website to Google’s webmaster Tools This tool, because this is the place where you will get all seo success and processing of your website.
and this will decide how you can move in building backlinks

3. When your site start making impressions in Google search, you will be able to see it in webmasters tool also the full url and keyword.

4. Once you know the urls and keyword for which your site is getting hits or just making impressions, take note thoese keyword and urls, and use those keyword along with generic keyword for backlinks. this way your website url rank will boost for that keyword for which this url is getting impressions.

5. Don’t create backlinks blindly because this may harm your website, Try to use Google, Don’t try to fool it but try to follow what Google really wants.

6. Once you know your urls and keyword try to create backlinks from websites related to your niche, I know this is very hard and not easy to get backlinks from a niche site, But believe me if your content is good then it will get backlinks quickly from aggregator sites that uses rss entries..

7. Post your articles regularly on social networking sites like , facebook, twitter, pinterest, delicious, digg etc there are some pluggins available that do social posting automatically with scheduling.

and That’s all what I always do for my blogs.. I know there are many guru’s here from whom I learn and really wants to tham them all in building my career as full time Seo and internet marketing for last 7 Years, I quit my job in 2006 and since then I keep trying to start career in internet online money but could get success from year 2009 when I get my first contract from freelancer…and warrior forum helps me a lot.

Please add your Seo tips that are really working now a days..

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